Voter Mentor Project​

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a community of mentors: knowledgeable voters willing to connect with others they know personally who may be less informed about voting and may experience that lack of information as an obstacle. The intent of this site is to keep us connected.  We hope to help citizens overcome their sense of alienation from our political system and participate in our democracy.

Seven Steps for Mentors

  1. Identify people whom you know personally and feel comfortable contacting who may not vote because of perceived obstacles.
  2. Find out their obstacles to voting, and offer to help.*
  3. Help them register to vote, either online or with a stamped voter registration card.*
  4. Follow up to ensure that they were successful.
  5. Remind them to vote one week before the election. Tell them where to go, who is running and the candidates’ positions, whom you support, and why.
  6. Contact them again on election day and encourage them to vote. Offer a ride if they need one. Ask them to let you know when they have voted.
  7. After the election, let them know the results and thank them for voting. Keep your contact list; another election is coming.

*see resource page

What You Are Committing To

By joining forces in a community of mentors we will–through strength of numbers and our belief in democracy–bring many new citizens into the system as informed and motivated voters. Each of us will take on the task of informing potential voters and recruiting new mentors from among people we know. We believe that increased voter participation will lead to better outcomes.